The 5 Best Beginner Guitar Amps 2020

While most beginner electric guitarists focus on the actual guitar when purchasing equipment, the amp actually plays a far larger role in the overall sound. The best made guitar in the world is not going to...

The 5 Best Guitar Amps Under $100 in 2020

If you think buying one of the best guitar amps for less than a $100 is an impossible task, then you'll be wrong.

The 5 Best Guitar Looper Pedals 2020

Looper (or loop) pedals are one of the most underrated guitar effect pedals out there. Even though they’re quite easy to use, some musicians have never developed a habit of using them, others think they’re too...

The 5 Best Guitar Effects Pedals 2020

The right guitar pedals and effects can take a show from good to great. We look at the most popular options and what is used for what.

The 10 Best Beginner Ukuleles 2020

Ukuleles come from the beautiful land of Hawaii – these instruments are commonly called “uke”, mainly due to their small design, so it’s only fitting that even its name would be cut short. Basically, this...

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