Best Beginner Ukulele

The 10 Best Beginner Ukuleles

Ukuleles come from the beautiful land of Hawaii – these instruments are commonly called “uke”, mainly due to their small design, so it’s only fitting that even its name would be cut short. Basically, this instrument belongs to the “lute instrument” family and resembles a guitar in many ways.

Now, ukuleles are generally easier to play than most stringed instruments – the reason why this is so is because they’re made of “lightweight” materials and feature only four strings. Further on that note, they only have twelve pegged frets (in most cases, exceptions are possible), which significantly narrows down the area of usable fret-board.

Here is Our Quick Pick of The 5 Best Beginner Ukuleles:

ModelSizeBrandOn Amazon
Official Kala Learn to Play Ukulele Starter KitSupranoKalaShop Now
Donner Concert Ukulele DUC-1 23 inch with Ukulele Set StrapConcertDonnerShop Now
Aklot Soprano Ukulele 21 Inch Solid MahoganySopranoAklotShop Now
Ranch 26 inch Professional Tenor UkeleleTenorRanchShow Now
MAKA MK-21 Soprano Ukulele 21 inch ProfessionalSopranoMakaShop Now

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Picking The Best Beginner Ukulele

As it’s only common in the world of musicians; there are players who are “advanced” and there are “beginners”. Now, there’s a plethora of differences between a beginner’s ukulele and the one which advanced players prefer. This section is dedicated to explaining everything you need to know regarding the beginner ukes.

Design & Type

Ukuleles come in various shapes and sizes, and not every ukulele type is “adequate” for beginners, or so to speak. The standard ukulele sizes (ranging from the smallest to the largest) are:

  • Soprano – average length of 21”, average scale of 13”, standard ukulele tuning (G-C-E-A)
  • Concert – average length of 23”, average scale of 15”, standard ukulele tuning
  • Tenor – average length of 26”, average scale of 17”, standard ukulele tuning
  • Baritone – average length of 30”, average scale of 19”, ukulele standard D tuning (D-G-B-E)

Beginners feel the most comfortable when they start off with a “Soprano”. It’s the smallest ukulele type which is also the lightest. Concert (or Concerto) ukes are quite alright while Tenor ukuleles are seldom used by immediate newcomers. Baritone ukuleles are almost exclusively played by advanced players.

High Level of Durability

Knowing what ukuleles are made of can give you a clear picture of how durable they are. Some of the most popular build materials involve Mahogany, basswood, blackwood, cedar, spruce, and such. These wood materials resound quite good, which basically means that they’ll give you a rich, warm tone without sacrificing the sturdiness.

The reason why you need a durable ukulele to begin with is quite simple – you’ve just bought your first uke, and the learning process can be quite troublesome on its own, breaking your instrument can lead you one step closer to simply giving up or “cooling off”.

Ukes are quite flimsy by nature, mainly due to the fact that they need to be lightweight in order to be played while standing upright. Only a handful of experienced players use straps to support their ukuleles, and most of them are live performers.

Decent Price

There’s a world of differences between a “cheap” ukulele and an affordable ukulele, but you shouldn’t worry too much about it – the reason why you want to consider buying an ukulele with a “decent price” is because most beginner ukuleles come in bundles.

These bundles are often comprised of a plethora of accessories, odds, and ends, which are calculated within the total price.

The most expensive ukulele packs are often just below $100 while the most affordable ukulele bundles cost approximately $40-$50.

Bonus Accessories

The reason why we call them “bonus accessories” is because manufacturers give them off for free. Of course, you are free to buy the necessary ukulele gadgets and trinkets on your own, but there’s no need for that – you’re a beginner, and there’s a strong possibility you don’t even know what you need. There’s no need for alarm, though – the brands selling these uke packs know, and you’ll get all you need to get started right away after purchasing your very own uke kit.

If you don’t know what ukulele accessories are for, consult the list below:

  • Tuners – tuners are used to tune in your ukulele. Most uke packs come with clip-on tuners, so you just have to attach it on the neck, strum notes, and tune your ukulele accordingly.
  • Polishing cloth – a “polishing cloth” can be any piece of cloth or fabric, but if you want to avoid ruining your ukulele, you should find a bundle which comes with a special type of polishing cloth. These are more gentle and tender than usual fabrics.
  • Pick – much like the guitar pick, a ukulele pick is used for playing. The only situation where you don’t need a pick is if you want to practice playing the “fingerstyle” technique.
  • Gig bag – a gig bag is your storage case. Nearly all ukulele beginner kits come with one, but try searching for a pack which features a “padded bag”. It will help protect the instrument from external sources.
  • Capo – capos are not so commonly used by uke players, but it’s a shame they aren’t. These little contraptions are used to pull on a “bare chord” without fretting any notes. Basically, using a capo shifts the tuning by a semitone (if placed on the first fret, two if placed on the second, etc.)
  • Strap – a strap is one of the necessary uke accessories. It serves the same function as a guitar strap, which is to “support your instrument”, leaving you with more space to concentrate on playing.

Best Beginner Ukulele Reviews:

1. Official Kala Learn to Play Ukulele Starter Kit

Official Kala Learn to Play Ukulele Starter Kit

A short overview:

Kala’s ukuleles are pretty famous worldwide, and we’ve decided to open up our review of the best ukulele for beginners with one of their finest uke bundles. Basically, this is a standard uke package for beginners which is comprised of the bare necessities needed to start playing right away. The “Learn To Play Kit” is different from their standard models – the uke in this bundle looks very basic, and was built upon the concept of simplicity. It features a set of tender strings, a solid hardwood body, and comes with a plethora of gratis features.

First impressions:

At first glance, Kala’s Ukulele beginner bundle looked pretty amazing. It came in a neat little “Starter Kit” box which was labelled with everything you need to know (in regard to features). The uke itself appeared a bit mediocre in terms of aesthetics, but it performed quite well after several jams.

We really liked the greeting card stuck beneath the strings – Kala “welcomes” all beginners and has shown initiative towards immediate newcomers with the neat little “learn to play quick start guide”. This remarkable instructional content aims to help you figure out “which end goes where” – even though ukulele’s are easier to play than standard guitars, beginners need all the help they can get.

Putting that aside, the complementary gig bag was a pretty nice addition. It’s only safe to assume that aspiring young uke players will go find a teacher, or even a school where they will practice their skills, and you can only imagine how funny you would look if you carried your instrument in hands. Gig bags have different benefits too – this particular one can be used to store your other ukulele accessories, such as capos, replacement strings, power cable (if your ukulele is semi-electric), picks, straps, and other.

The most important aspect of complementary features is that you don’t have to buy them on your own. Their price is absorbed within the total cash you have to pay, and if we take that into consideration, this particular model is quite cheap.


Kala’s Official “Learn to Play” ukulele starter kit belongs to the bottom bracket of the “medium” price point category. Simply put, this means that it comes at an average price.

However, its value can’t be determined by price alone, knowing that this is an entire “bundle”, much rather than a plain beginner ukulele. Since it comes with a manifold of all kinds of odds and ends a beginner could need, it’s safe to say that it holds a tremendous value for the buck.

Quick rundown of the specs:

  • Kala’s Official “Learn to Play” ukulele starter kit Ukulele
  • Kala Ukulele “Learn to Play” quick start guide
  • Complementary gig bag
  • Aquila Nylgut strings (4)
  • Complementary tuner


All things considered, Kala’s Official “Learn to Play” ukulele starter kit is one of the best beginner ukulele bundles on the market of today. It’s comprised of all the necessary accessories and it features a premium-quality ukulele which was tailored to meet the demands of young, aspiring uke players.

Even though it can’t be labelled as “cheap” per se, it’s certainly not expensive either. That being said, we were quite pleased with how Kala’s Official “Learn to Play” ukulele starter kit performed for the cash.

2. Donner Concert Ukulele  DUC-1 23 inch with Ukulele Set Strap

Donner Concert Ukulele  DUC-1 23 inch with Ukulele Set Strap

A short overview:

If Kala is the number one brand, Donner sits right below it at the pedestal of the world-class leaders in uke manufacturing industry. The Donner Concert Ukulele bundle is a fabulous, amazing starter kit which comes equipped with a plethora of accessories every ukulele player needs.

First impressions:

Donner Concert Ukulele bundle was amazing, even at first sight. The gig bag in which it comes is pretty large, and we’ve noticed a bulge in the storage compartment, so we decided to take a peek. There was a neat little uke strap, a tuner, some strings, and four guitar picks – complementary accessories are quite common in uke bundles, but we were surprised that they came in such a number.

Now, after unpacking the bag, we’ve taken out the ukulele itself. Frankly, it resembled an acoustic guitar both in shape and size, so we thought that our delivery was mixed up with someone else, but it came out alright in the end. Namely, this is a “concert” ukulele – it’s a bit larger than average beginner ukuleles (“Soprano ukes”), but we were certain that this was the model we were after.

The body of Donner Concert Ukulele is made of high-quality Mahogany – this material provides superb sound resonance, great sustain, and it’s quite durable all the while. The fretboard features Rosewood materials, just like the bridge, and it’s safe to say that both feel quite comfortable while held, boosting the already great playability of this superb ukulele.

On top of that, what makes Donner Concert Ukulele so exquisite and unique is the hardware – this ukulele features Donner’s exclusive chrome plated tuners which are much alike to machine heads found on most common guitars (not ukuleles, guitars). The frets are divided with little brass bars and labelled with clearly visible dot inlays up to the 12th fret, which is quite nice.

Overall, our first impression of the Donner Concert Ukulele bundle was great. We were confused at start due to the peculiar design of this ukulele, but it passed all our performance tests with flying colors.


Much like Kala’s Official “Learn to play” starter kit, the Donner Concert Ukulele bundle belongs to the bottom bracket of the medium price range. There are a couple of differences if we are to compare the two, though – first of all, Donner’s bundle allows you to choose the size of your ukulele (scale), ranging from 21-inch to 26-inch. Secondly, the gig bag is a bit more convenient as it’s both larger and more spacious.

Be it as it may, both ukulele bundles are pretty great, and they both hold a substantial value for the buck.

Quick rundown of the specs:

  • Donner Concert Ukulele bundle ukulele
  • Available in three size variants
  • Mahogany body
  • Rosewood fingerboard and Rosewood bridge
  • Donner patented chrome plated tuners
  • 18 frets with dot inlays up to the 12th fret
  • Complementary features include the gig bag, a ukulele strap, a set of carbon-nylon strings, and the digital tuner


In all fairness, Donner Concert Ukulele bundle is one of the finest cheap beginner uke bundles that money can buy. Not only does it come with a set of extremely handy and convenient features, but the uke itself is pretty extraordinary.

The option to choose between three ukulele size variants is more than you’ll find if you decide to keep on with your search, the ukulele is great, and the gratis accessories more than make up for the miniature flaws it comes with.

3. Aklot Soprano Ukulele 21 Inch Solid Mahogany Ukulele

Soprano Ukulele 21 Inch Solid Mahogany 

A short overview:

Aklot’s might not be as famous as Kala or Donner, but these guys really should be. They make premium-quality entry-level ukes, and this model is nothing short of perfection. In fact, it might just be the best beginner ukulele kit you’ll ever own.

In essence, Aklot’s Soprano Ukulele beginner kit is comprised of a Soprano ukulele and a full arsenal of complementary ukulele accessories. It comes at a relatively cheap price, and it boasts a massive value for the buck.

First impressions:

Usually, the saying “what you pay is what you get” is absolutely correct in regard to low-budget items and purchases. However, unboxing the Aklot’s Soprano ukulele starter bundle was not such a case. These guys are probably aware of the fact that they’re not the most famous brand out there, but the reason why we said that “they should be” will be apparent to you at the moment you get to see what they’ve prepared for you.

Aklot’s Soprano ukulele starter bundle comes in a beautiful, wrapped package. It is comprised of high-quality solid sound board, a mahogany top along with the edge Chamfering – these qualities allow for enhanced sustain and increased sound resonance, to say the least.

What’s more, the complementary tuner features superb quality copper gear and it boasts higher accuracy and faster response.

You won’t have to trouble yourself with intonation, as Aklot’s Soprano ukulele comes pre-strung with Aquila Nylgut strings that span across its bridge and soundboard, tying themselves to the deadlock in the end – popping them or un-tuning them by accident is not something you should fret about.

Furthermore, the low action is absolutely perfect for beginners. Sure, the sound might appear a bit blatant and dull at times, but it’s all for the sake of playability. You will be able to press on the frets more easily without experiencing buzzing sustained notes. The last boast Aklot’s Soprano ukulele starter bundle has up its sleeve is in regards to its durability. Namely, every material aspect of this phenomenal ukulele simply brims with sturdiness – both the ukulele and the features it comes with.


We were quite surprised to find that Aklot’s Soprano ukulele starter bundle comes so cheap. Naturally, we assumed that an underdog brand would pump up the price due to higher marketing expenses, given that a plethora of accessories were added into the bundle, but no, everything is on point.

Aklot’s Soprano ukulele starter bundle belongs to the “medium” price point category and it’s just a couple of bucks more expensive than Kala’s and Donner’s ukulele starter bundles.

Quick rundown of the specs:

  • Aklot’s Soprano ukulele starter bundle ukulele
  • Premium-quality full copper gear advanced tuner
  • Aquila Nylgut strings that span across from the very top and tie in a deadlock
  • Low action for superb intonation and playability
  • Superb neck & soundboard strength and durability


Frankly, if it weren’t for the wrapped box, we would be unsure whether or not this is a beginner ukulele – it could easily pass on as an “advanced player” uke anytime. It excels in numerous fields of performance and lacks in absolutely none. Suffice to say, it’s worth your cash and money, so don’t feel reluctant to go for it.

4. Ranch 26 inch Professional Tenor Ukelele

Tenor Ukulele Ranch 26 inch Professional

A short overview:

Even though beginners should begin with a Soprano, or even a Concert ukulele, we have a very special exception here – a high-quality Tenor uke from Ranch. Now, the brand’s name might not ring a bell to you, but we’ve already seen how underdogs strive to make a point by making better products in hopes of going toe to toe with the big guys (check the review of Aklot’s bundle above).

Essentially, this is the largest ukulele we’re having in for a review, but don’t let that dissuade you one bit. It boasts a tremendous value for the buck, and it’s safe to say that you’ll be more than happy with it once you get accustomed to its size.

First impressions:

The gig bag which housed this ukulele has shown signs of quality all over – the impeccable craftsmanship combined with a simple touch were more than enough to get our attention, but it was not until we’ve opened it that we were amazed with what it had in store. Ranch’s Tenor ukulele features exotic Sapele body and a neck made of premium-quality mahogany. Suffice to say, these materials provide incredibly warm, rich tone atop the lightweight qualities, making it absolutely perfect for beginners.

Even though bigger than most models we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing so far, this 26 inch uke does not appear as big as it sounds. It’s just three inches larger than a standard Soprano uke, so it’s safe to say that beginners won’t have too much trouble with it.

The hardware of Ranch’s Tenor uke features die-cast chrome tuners – they look pretty much the same when compared to guitar machine heads, and they perform a similar task. In essence, these tuning gears won’t let your strings go out of tune anytime soon, they’re pretty easy to use, and as far as intonation is at stake, you have nothing to worry about.

Lastly, we didn’t expect to see a set of Aquila super-nylgut strings on a model such as this, but we were positively surprised when we did.

All things considered, our first impressions of Ranch’s Tenor ukulele can’t be characterized without using superlatives – it’s one of the best beginner ukulele bundle packs out there, and we highly recommend that you try it out if you didn’t already.


Ranch’s Tenor ukulele is the priciest among the three in the series (the 21-inch Soprano costs the least, the 23-inch Concert being in the middle). Even though it doesn’t come cheap, we daresay its value is great, especially if we consider the fact that this ukulele belongs to the same price range as the models we’ve ran through above.

The gig bag, strap, tuner, and the Aquila Nylgut strings are all accounted for in the total pricing, which sums up some $10-$20 for the uke itself, which is actually quite affordable.

Quick rundown of the specs:

  • Ranch Tenor Ukulele beginner bundle uke
  • A chromatic tuner
  • A set of Aquila Nylgut strings
  • A uke strap
  • A complementary gig bag
  • Die-cast chromed tuners


Ranch Tenor Ukulele performs wonderfully for an entry-level ukulele bundle. It’s a beautiful uke which boasts superb levels of playability and durability, and the features it comes outfitted with are quite amazing, to be frank. In fact, this is one of the Amazon’s Best-Selling ukuleles in the “Tenor” department, which comes pretty obvious, given that it doesn’t come with any apparent flaws while boasting a staggering amount of benefits you could reap if you choose it.

The only thing that might dissuade the aspiring beginners is its size – namely, Tenor ukes are not commonly used by immediate beginners, but should you get accustomed to it early on, there’s no stopping you at any later point.

5. MAKA MK-21 Soprano Ukulele 21 inch Professional

MAKA MK-21 Soprano Ukulele 21 inch Professional

A short overview:

Maka is a solidly famous brand, but they (sadly) didn’t earn their reputation from advertising and manufacturing instruments. After some research, we’ve found that “Maka” actually refers to an anime character from the series of “Soul Eater”. A fun fact indeed, but why is this ukulele in the reviews of the best beginner ukulele models? There can’t be an easy answer for that.

An adequate answer would be – “Maka’s MK-21 is a premium-quality low-budget ukulele pack which is more than just an instrument packed with odds and ends. This ukulele is very plain in nature, it excels in numerous fields of performance, and, suffice to say, it will become one of your favourites once it gets to you.

First impressions:

You could say that we were intrigued about what the lower price point categories could offer, and Maka’s MK-21 was among the first on the list. Of course, that alone couldn’t be enough to declare it as “good for the money”, so we went on a gut feeling and ordered the bundle.

The arriving box was plain enough, as was expected, but that’s exactly the point we are trying to point out here. Maka’s MK-21 is one of the simplest, most straightforward ukulele bundles out there, and every beginner will be more than happy to enjoy in its simplistic benefits, regardless of the talent at stake.

Frankly, seeing a mahogany ukulele in this price range is pretty rare, especially if it comes with the bonus features such as the padded carry bag, vintage woven strap, a set of extra strings, and such. The hardware resembles an acoustic guitar tuning pegs, and the general design of MK-21 boasts similar characteristics.


With a marvellous satin finish, Maka’s MK-21 is one of the most beautiful, yet exquisitely simple ukuleles that money can afford. This extraordinary ukulele belongs to the “affordable” price point category, and it’s safe to say that it’s absolutely perfect for kids, teens, and people who are low on cash. Even though “low-budget instruments” aren’t exactly recommended, this one has nothing in common with most entry-level ukes.

Quick rundown of the specs:

  • Maka’s MK-21 Soprano ukulele
  • Padded carry big
  • Vintage woven strap
  • A set of replacement strings


Maka might not be a ukulele manufacturer by trade, but they’ve proven that they have the skills and technology to make a high-quality budget-level uke bundle.

The best thing about this bundle is that you can finally get your hands on a cheap instrument which doesn’t lack in nearly any field of performance (which can’t be said about the majority of models in this price range). Overall, the value for the cash of this ukulele is humongous, and we warmly recommend it to any and all uke beginners.

6. Kmise Soprano Mahogany 21 Inch Ukelele

Kmise Soprano Mahogany 21 Inch Ukelele

First impressions:

Kmise is a brand that originates from Hong Kong, and they have quite a bold logo – they claim that they’re “not the richest, not the biggest, but the nicest”, and it just so happens that we agree. Their customer support offered invaluable help right from the start until we got our package, so the very first impression we had was something else.

The package itself was quite big, so we assumed that the uke was either Soprano or Tenor, but that was not what made the bag so heavy and bulky. It was the number of complementary ukulele accessories. Namely, Kmise has pitched in a chromatic clip-on tuner, a beautiful convenient ukulele strap, a gig bag, and Kmise “How to play Ukulele” free lessons. Pretty great, considering that you’re completely new to the matter, don’t you think?

Once we unpacked the ukulele, we noticed that it was a bit shorter when compared t the normal Soprano ukes. Namely, it was only 21” long (whereas Soprano ukes are usually 23” long, to say the least). This is, apparently, intentional, as low-scale ukes work like a charm in the hands of a beginner.

The bonus goodies contained within this bundle are all great, without exception, and it’s safe to say that you’d have to search far and wide to find a set as versatile and affordable as this one.


Kmise’s Soprano ukulele belongs to the bottom bracket of the “affordable” price point category. The brand, apparently, boasts about being cheaper than their competitors, but that certainly doesn’t mean that they lack quality – sometimes “cheap” and “good” can go in a same sentence.

Quick rundown of the specs:

  • Kmise Soprano ukulele
  • Mahogany body, rosewood fingerboard
  • Copper machine heads
  • Low action for improved playability
  • Clip-on tuner, strap, and free online lessons


All things accounted for, Kmise’s Soprano ukulele bundle is great for the cash, and that would’ve been true even if we are to neglect the fact that it’s shamefully cheap. Even though accessories such as the ones that come with this bundle are quite common, you usually have to pay extra for a bundle that offers them, which only boosts the already great value for the buck of this uke package.

7. Enya EUC-X1 Concert 23 Inch Ukulele

Enya EUC-X1 Concert 23 Inch Ukulele

A short overview:

Here we’re looking at Enya’s Concert Ukulele bundle – it’s comprised of the EUC-X1 concert ukulele and a set of amazing uke accessories. Now, there are two things that make this bundle different from the others we’ve seen so far.

First, the accessories this uke bundle comes with are from the brand itself. These guys have went an extra mile and designed a series of premium-quality gear that accompanies this remarkable ukulele.

Secondly, this is the first ukulele bundle that doesn’t belong to the “medium” price point category – it costs just a few bucks more than your average uke package.

First impressions:

Enya’s EUC-X1 Concert uke package is everything but an average instrument bundle. It’s a beautiful bundle which is comprised of some of the finest features, including the Richlite fingerboard, BT-junction technology (regarding the string action), a high-grade tuner, a set of carbon-fiber strings, and more.

Our first impressions of this bundle were pretty much obvious – we absolutely loved this uke pack. The box is quite large, even though the uke itself is “Concert” type, but it’s only normal since this bundle comes with the highest number of complementary features when compared to other packs in this review.

We were quite surprised that Enya pitched in a capo among the bonus goodies – this little contraption is a sort of a clip-on which presses on the frets in the form of a “bare chord” (1 fret, all strings).

Capos are usually used by guitarists, and it’s quite uncommon to see a uke player use it, given that ukuleles come with only four strings, but this is definitely one of the most invaluable beginner accessories ever – if you’re having a tough time pressing on a chord, the capo will make it easy on you.


The price of Enya’s EUC-X1 Concert uke package is the only thing that you might not like so much. Basically, it belongs to the bottom bracket of the “medium-high” price point category, costing some $10 more than an average uke bundle. Nevertheless, it comes with a unique feature outfit, and the bonus goodies are in abundance, so it’s safe to say that the price is more than fair.

Quick rundown of the specs:

  • Enya’s EUC-X1 Concert Ukulele
  • Richlite fingerboard
  • BT-junction technology
  • High-grade tuner
  • Carbon-fiber strings
  • Padded bag
  • Capo


In all fairness, if you’re prepared to pay $50 or $60 bucks for a ukulele bundle, the extra $10 shouldn’t be a problem. That’s literally the only difference when it comes to “flaws” of this uke bundle, but if we’re to talk about the benefits it offers, we could spend an entire afternoon listing them without coming to a conclusion.

Simply put, this is an awesome ukulele bundle, and it’s worth every single cent. Make sure to check it out if you haven’t already.

8. Makanu 23 Inch Concert Ukulele Mahogany 

Makanu 23 Inch Concert Ukulele Mahogany 

A short overview:

Makanu’s Concert ukulele bundle is one of the most straightforward models we’ve come across, but that’s precisely what makes it so good for beginners. Generally, this ukulele is extremely cheap, but it was built with quality in mind – this particular uke boasts superb levels of durability and performance, and that’s putting it mildly.

First impressions:

At first sight, Makanu’s Concert Ukulele looks flawless and exquisite. There’s a couple of neat flower “tattoos” on the body, so we had a strong confirmation that this model was for beginners before even trying it out.

We first started by checking the materials. The body is made of high-quality mahogany – pretty common, but great nevertheless. The back, as well as the sides of Makanu’s Concert Ukulele are made of highly durable plywood – now that’s something you don’t see so often. It’s safe to say that the tonal qualities of this uke aren’t exactly exemplary, but it’s as sturdy as can be, which accounts for something.

To compensate for this little flaw, this uke comes with a premium-quality set of nylon strings, as well as with black machine pegs. Suffice to say, these will hold your uke in tune for extended periods of time when compared to regular tuning gears.

The only thing that we didn’t like in particular is the fact that this uke bundle comes with a single gratis accessory. Even though we’re reviewing the best ukulele for beginners, a gig bag won’t account for much if you don’t have at least a tuner and some replacement strings. Nevertheless, we were quite pleased with how everything turned out, given that this bundle comes at a relatively cheap price.


Now, the price of Makanu’s Concert Ukulele is perhaps, the best thing about it. Namely, this outstanding bundle belongs to the lower bracket of the “medium-low” price point category, and it’s one of the most affordable ukulele packages in this review.

Quick rundown of the specs:

  • Makanu’s Concert Ukulele
  • Mahogany body
  • Plywood top and sides
  • Rosewood fretboard & bridge
  • Bone nut & saddle
  • Laser-engraved cosmetics
  • Nylon strings
  • Gig bag


It’s hard to find a good ukulele in this price range – things that come cheap are often poor in regard to durability or lack in some other department (performance, versatility, playability, etc). However, Makanu’s Concert Ukulele presents an exception.

This outstanding uke bundle is great for the cash, and even though it doesn’t offer much in regard to gratis goodies, it’s perfect for beginners as it boasts a superb level of playability and durability.

9. Moukey 21 Inch Soprano Ukulele Starter Pack

Moukey 21 Inch Soprano Ukulele Starter Pack

A short overview:

We’ve decided to give underdogs a shot, and even though the name “MouKey” might not ring a bell to your ears, it will once you see what these guys can do. Basically, this is one of those uke sets that come at a shamefully low price, all the while being equipped with all the necessities a beginner could want – the complementary features you’ll get for free are in abundance, and you’ll be able to start learning the ways of uke as soon as you get it.

First impressions:

Our first impression of MouKey’s Soprano starter pack was nothing specially, really. The uke doesn’t feature a (conventional) sound hole, the gig bag is pretty plain, and we failed to find any accessories – until we’ve opened the storage compartment of the gig bag, that is. At first sight, anyone could easily see that this ukulele isn’t one of those “boutique” models stored on the highest shelves – it’s cheap alright, and cheap things usually don’t last long, do they? Well, MouKey’s Soprano starter pack is an exception from this rule.

Basically, this is a Soprano ukulele made of high-quality mahogany materials, it comes pre-strung with a set of high-resonance nylon strings, and it features clearly visible dot inlays up to the 12th fret. Up until now, nothing seems too unique or exquisite about it.

Even so, we were amazed when we plucked the first chords – the tone this uke emits is bright, warm, and rich, the frets are effortlessly pressed on, and it remained in tune for a couple of days before we noticed any anomalies.

Now, up to this point nothing seemed too impressive, but the situation drastically changed when we decided to check out the goodies which came in the storage compartment. There’s a highly reliable clip-on tuner, a set of replacement strings, a 1-button strap, and two MouKey picks. Pretty basic, but awesome if you consider the fact that this bundle comes at such a low price.


As one of the most affordable ukulele sets, MouKey Soprano ukulele starter pack boasts quite a value for the buck. It belongs to the bottom bracket of the “medium-low” price point category, and it’s safe to say that it can easily go toe to toe with some of the more expensive models.

Quick rundown of the specs:

  • Moukey Soprano ukulele
  • Mahogany body
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Nylon strings
  • Clip-on tuner
  • One-button ukulele strap
  • A set of replacement strings
  • Complementary gig bag
  • Two MouKey picks


A cheap uke can’t be “perfect” or “flawless” – there’s bound to be something that doesn’t perform like it should, but that was not the case with MouKey’s Soprano starter pack.

We really liked this ukulele, as well as the features it came with. Considering it’s one of the most affordable uke sets on the market, it’s all too clear that it holds a substantial value for the money – if you ever planned on buying an ukulele starter kit, this is your perfect opportunity.

10. Everjoys 21 Inch Soprano Rainbow Ukulele Beginner Pack

Everjoys 21 Inch Soprano Rainbow Ukulele Beginner Pack

A short overview:

Everjoy’s Soprano ukulele beginner pack might not be the best you’ll ever have, but it’s one of the most unique ones. Basically, it’s a high-quality 21-inch uke set laden with a set of two picks, a clip-on tuner, a polishing cloth, a convenient gig bag, and a uke strap.

First impressions:

One of the best things about this ukulele bundle is that the brand offers you a choice – you’re free to choose which complementary features you want included, the color of your uke, as well as the type of strings it’s going to come with. Again, we were puzzled with how such a cheap uke pack can hold such an amazing value for the buck – most brands just pile up their leftover accessories, but not this time. There’s a plethora of color variations for you to choose from, and the diversity of goodies is pretty awesome.

This Soprano uke features a basswood body, a neck made of blackwood, and a set of premium-quality nylon strings.


The pricing of Everjoy’s Rainbow ukulele beginner pack is one of its greatest benefits. This is, essentially, a supremely affordable ukulele pack built for immediate uke beginners, and it holds a massive value for the cash.

Quick rundown of the specs:

  • Everjoy’s Soprano Rainbow Ukulele
  • Complementary gig bag
  • Replacement strings
  • A polishing cloth
  • Clip-on tuner
  • Ukulele “learn to play” beginner’s book


We’ve certainly saved the best for last – this is one of the best cheap beginner ukulele packs, as it boasts incredible levels of affordability and performance. Best of all, you get to choose virtually everything in regard to its features, so there’s no doubt it holds an unprecedented level of value for the money.


Finding the best ukulele for beginner is all but easy – there’s a plethora of models for you to choose from, and even the most famous brands aren’t as famous as Ibanez, ESP, and Gibson in the guitar world. We hope that this review came in handy while you were making the decision, and we wish you good luck with finding the model which will suit your needs.

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  • On the Kmise soprano unpackaging, you stated that it was smaller than a normal soprano, which is 23″… soprano is normally 21″ as you received… concert is 23″.