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Using Modes in Your Music

There are many techniques used by guitar masters for using modes in music and we will try to incorporate some of these techniques here.


Using Legato Techniques

Picking notes individually is great for basic melodies and ferocious, hard-hitting solos, but if you want to start to sound really cool and add some musicality into your playing legato techniques are a must.


Guitar Muting Styles

Muting the sound of your playing turns the guitar into a more percussive, hard-hitting instrument. Palm muting creates a chugging sound, which is used heavily in genres such as metal, and “dead” strums produce...

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Guitar Strumming Patterns

Strumming patterns breathe life into your chord progressions. You can write a great song from a tonal perspective, blending majors and minors with moments of tension and release.

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Picking The Right Guitar Teacher

Although some of the ultimate guitar greats were self taught, it’s probably the best idea to opt for hiring a professional guitar teacher, at least to get you started and give you that critical initial input and boost towards the music world.

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Choosing a Guitar Playing Style

You figured out how to hold the guitar properly, you know how to tune it right, now it comes down to a much more of a complicated question – choosing a guitar playing style that suits you the best.