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Baritone Ukuleles 0

The Best Baritone Ukulele 2018

When you think of the string instrument, probably the first one that comes into your mind is the acoustic guitar. However, recently I’ve been seeing lots of videos that promote not the guitar but...

Guitar Pedal Board 0

The Best Guitar Pedal Board 2018

Although most of the modern guitarists consider guitar pedal board to be the standard part of their equipment, that wasn’t always the case. Have in mind that the first modern guitar was built back...

Best Beginner Ukulele 0

The 10 Best Beginner Ukuleles 2018

Ukuleles come from the beautiful land of Hawaii – these instruments are commonly called “uke”, mainly due to their small design, so it’s only fitting that even its name would be cut short. Basically,...

The Best Guitar Amps 2

The 5 Best Beginner Guitar Amps 2018

While most beginner electric guitarists focus on the actual guitar when purchasing equipment, the amp actually plays a far larger role in the overall sound. The best made guitar in the world is not going to sound good through a cheap, poor quality amp.