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Using Modes in Your Music

There are many techniques used by guitar masters for using modes in music and we will try to incorporate some of these techniques here.

Locrian Mode 1

The Locrian Mode

This is the last mode of any major scale and is also considered as the most difficult mode.


The Aeolian Mode

Aeolian is brighter than Phrygian and Locrian while it is darker than Dorian mode.


The Mixolydian Mode

Mixolydian is an all-rounder mode that has been used in very uplifting solos to many 70’s rock songs.Although it is an all-rounder scale but it doesn’t mean that it’s an easy mode.

The Lydian Mode 0

The Lydian Mode

We are using C major scale as the reference point therefore the Lydian mode we will learn in this lesson is the F Lydian.

Phrygian Mode 1

The Phrygian Mode

Phrygian mode is very famously used by neo-classical guitarists like Yngwie J Malmsteen, Joe Stump and Vinnie Moore.

Dorian Mode 1

The Dorian Mode

Dorian is the second mode of a major scale and in our example it is D Dorian mode.

Ionian Mode 1

The Ionian Mode

This mode is used even by the guitar players who are not aware of the modal theory because it is also the natural major scale.


The Modes of Major Scale

There are seven modes of a major scale and all of these modes represent easily distinguishable sounds/emotions.


Introduction to Modes

In order to become a well-equipped guitar player, the most important technique a guitarist needs to understand and use is modes.