Fender Mini Deluxe Guitar Amp Review

Fender Mini Deluxe Amp

Commonly dubbed the reigning champ of the mini guitar amp domain, the Fender Mini Deluxe Amp is a product found among a vast array of guitar players. Everyone was a beginner once, always remember that, and the popular Mini is often that special amp that got the musical journey started, transmitting the very first chords of many future axemen around the globe.

What makes this amp stand out is obviously its size, but also the punch it is able to deliver. Not exactly a Marshall, but the volume is still there. Furthermore, the amps versatility makes it stand out above the similarly sized competition, as the Mini is pretty much capable of properly delivering just about any genre and vibe. Additionally, the amp is available for about $50, making it cheaper that some of today’s video games, and that’s saying something.

So should you buy this one? Well it depends on your style and personal playing preferences, but purchasing a Mini is never a mistake – everyone needs a good, portable practice amp at home and Fender Deluxe Mini just happens to be one. If it’s more details you’re after, check out the full review below.


Versatility is the word of the day with Fender Deluxe Mini. So essentially, any given style, technique or genre will work with this one perfectly, but at low volume. Unlike say Marshal MG15CF, Fender Deluxe Mini is an amp you can use only for house practice. Band rehearsals with an actual live drummer are out of the question, and so is studio recording to a great extent.

Specifically, the sound of your guitar is delivered through a single two-inch speaker with one watt of power. This isn’t a whole lot, but is also much more than it seems. And sonic-wise, the audio quality delivered is comparable to significantly larger and more powerful devices.

So basically, you’re not playing big venues every day. Truth be told, most of your playing is done at home. And for a home surrounding, you have all the needed power. You get great quality and fine delivery – no noise, no hums.


As noted, the Fender Mini Deluxe features a single two-inch speaker with on watt of sound power. Furthermore, the amp is as basic as it can get in terms of tone adjustment. But this is a good thing, since it’s a well-known fact that too much tweaks and “extra features” only result in cheap and useless effects that can only diminish your playing drive.

So specifically, the amp’s panel consists of an input slot, a power switch, a volume knob and a drive controller for the crunchier, fuzzy tone. Mini is powered by a single 9V battery, making it additionally portable, but take note – the 9V adapter is most often not included in the package, commonly resulting in about $10 of extra costs, since constantly replacing batteries can turn into a tedious task, especially for more active players.

A headphone input is also included for silent jams, as well as a handlebar for easier transport. However, some of the users point at the handle as a weak spot, pointing at its fragileness as a critical point, or an error on the manufacturer’s behalf. Still, it’s merely a minor detail we’re talking about.

Durability and Reliability

In general, the Fender Deluxe Mini is not an amp that receives many complaints on users’ behalf. Most players are well aware of the fact that they are dealing with a small-sized house amp, so certain durability demands of large amps are hardly a requirement on this one. With that being said, the Mini’s durability can be assorted into a medium strength category. The amp is definitely compact and able to sustain a punch or two, but will hardly endure heavier rumble.

As far as reliability goes, the device once again mostly scored positive grades and remarks from the music crowd. If used at home, this mini amp will hardly ever cause you any trouble. It’s bound to always deliver the same sound quality and it definitely takes quite a lot to get the amp crackling. If you intend on blasting it up to 11 all of the time, it’s bound to take it’s toll in the long run, resulting in various amount of damage and lower audio quality. So it is of utmost importance for the user to understand that this is a house amp. The only kind of band practice you should use it for is either without a drummer of without a full-on loud drum kit. Other than that, it’s nothing but pros and praises for the Mini.

Overall: Pros and Cons

In general, Fender Deluxe Mini is an amp you’ll not likely ever to regret purchasing. Everyone needs a good sounding, reliable house amp and that’s exactly what the Mini is. Check out a brief bullet point rundown of what you can expect from it.

Fender Mini Deluxe Amp Pros

  • Versatility – Pop, rock, jazz, blues, metal, country, you name it, all musical styles and genres sound good on the Mini. Fact is, “versatility” is the word of the day on this mini guitar amp.
  • Price – It’s not just under $100 we’re talking about, it’s half of it. That’s less than certain albums or video games cost these days, and you can get an iconic music brand for it. No mean feat, not buy a long shot. It’s also an investment that’s always worth making.

Fender Mini Deluxe Amp Cons

  • Power – Mini is a house amp, and just a house amp. You can’t make it work with a full-on live band and it’s not really useful in the studio either. If power is what you’re after, you’ll have to skip this one, but with a name like Mini, that pretty much goes to show without saying.

So that about wraps it up and as you can see, we’re dealing with a serious mini player here. It all depends on your personal needs and playing preferences, but as long as such requirements don’t include loudness, you’re good to go with Fender Deluxe Mini.

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