Yamaha Gigmaker Acoustic Guitar Review

Yamaha Gigmaker

When it comes to making instruments, Yamaha is a name that is known, respected and loved all over the world. They may be overshadowed in the guitar industry by some bigger names but the company still has a formidable reputation and is well known for producing good quality guitars at a good price.

This is why they are an ideal choice for beginner and intermediate players with the Yamaha Gigmaker package being a very smart choice. The Yamaha F325 guitar is the chosen instrument for this package and by itself; it seems to have won over a good few fans in the guitar community. However, when you take this quality guitar and bundle it together with a wide range of high quality accessories, you are on to a winner with respect to finding a guitar that will bring you a lot of joy but will also help you develop your guitar skills.


The 21 fret Yamaha Gigmaker F325 guitar has a natural chrome finish and the following features:

  • Solid spruce top
  • Nato back and sides
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Lifetime warranty

The Yamaha F325 is a great looking acoustic guitar which definitely has the look and feel of a professional guitar. This can be important, even for beginner and intermediary players so if you are looking for a guitar that is as stylish as it is effective, the Yamaha F325 is one that you should have on your radar.

Sound / Tones

The sound is one of the biggest selling points of the Yamaha F325 and it is this is what helps to make the Yamaha Gigmaker such an attractive proposition for many players. There is a wide-spread agreement that the tone and clarity found on this guitar is comparable with what would be expected from a considerably dearer instrument. When strumming hard, there is a clear and punchy sound but it is also possible to create a more mellow tone from a more casual style of play.

When you have shop clerks recommending this instrument over more expensive ones (they clearly aren’t on commissions where they work), you can take comfort in knowing that the sound is not going to be something that lets you down.

Playability / Action / Ease of Use:

There are few things in life simpler or more exciting to play than an acoustic six string guitar and the Yamaha F325 is a great example of this. With the guitar arriving good to go, all you will want to do is give the strings a quick tuning and you can be playing in no time at all. If you are a completely new guitar player, the DVD will quickly teach you some of the basics but if you know your way around a guitar, you should be making sweet music almost as soon as you are set up.

The tuners work very well when you are playing the instrument but if you are carting the guitar around with you on a regular basis, it seems to go out of tune quite quickly. This can be rectified easily by tuning up every time you set up to play but it can be a tad frustrating at how frequently this seems to occur.

Build / Reliability

There is no getting away from the fact that the Yamaha F325 is a lightweight acoustic guitar and this will cause some people to have concerns over how reliable the instrument will be. There is a need to look after it properly but the guitar will easily handle plenty of bumps, scrapes and accidental falls without too much damage. You shouldn’t go out of your way to test the resolve of the Yamaha F325 too much but if you treat it with a bit of respect, you should find it provides great value for money with respect to build and reliability.

The finish is really nice on the Yamaha F325 but if you are an exuberant guitar player, you may start to notice some chips and dents appearing. This will not cause any harm to your guitar but if you are worried about keeping it in pristine condition, you should be aware that it doesn’t take too much to lose that classic shine and finish the instrument has when it first arrives.

Price / Value

With a gig bag, digital tuner, a strap, strings, picks and a DVD of guitar lessons, the standard package has a lot going for it and the DVD is of an okay quality. A lot will depend on the individual, some prefer to learn through watching, others by reading but if you prefer to see the movement on screen, this is a very good quality DVD which should bring on your guitar playing in no time at all. You will need proper teaching or a better quality of tutorial package to push your skills on to a higher level but for the price you are paying, you should be able to pick up more than enough that will get you started with guitar playing.

There is also a deluxe version of the Yamaha Gigmaker package that provides everything in the standard package as well as a guitar stand and a polishing cloth. The thinking behind these additional elements is that you will have absolutely everything you need to turn up at a venue and play a gig with your guitar. The deluxe package is on sale for around $200 (compared to around $145 for the standard Yamaha Gigmaker package) and it all depends on how much you value the stand and polishing cloth. It is likely that the standard Yamaha Gigmaker package will be more than enough for people.

The Verdict / Impression

If you are buying a Yamaha instrument, you are entitled to think you will get a good quality instrument that provides strong value for money. You will not be let down if you pick up the Yamaha Gigmaker standard package with the Yamaha F325 guitar. The sound is above and beyond the expectations of most people for a guitar in this price range and the overall package and build can be relied upon. There is a choice to make in deciding if the more expensive deluxe package offers more or less value, it depends on your individual needs but there is no doubt that the standard Yamaha Gigmaker provides a great product for beginner and intermediary guitar players.

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