Huntington 41” Acoustic Guitar Review

Just because you haven’t heard of a guitar manufacturer doesn’t mean that it is of poor quality or it should be avoided. There is often comfort in buying a guitar that has a reputable brand name on it but many people feel that they pay over the odds purely because of the name. This is why many guitarists are on the lookout for other manufacturers that perhaps have more to prove and are able to offer an excellent guitar at the right price.

This is definitely something that can be said for the Huntington range of guitars, which carry a high level of quality and specifications throughout their range. Huntington have developed a good reputation for producing guitars for beginners and this includes a number of scale sized guitars. However, it is the Huntington 41” guitar that has caught the attention of many beginner and intermediate guitarists of late and it is easy to see why.


The 21 fret 30” Huntington 41” dreadnought guitar has the following features:

  • Linden top, back and sides
  • ABS Black Pickguard
  • Ping style chrome tuners

With regards to the appearance of the Huntington 41”, it is exactly the sort of look you want from an acoustic guitar. If you were to take to the stage, this is exactly the sort of instrument that you would see being used by professional artists, which can help to give an additional level of confidence to any player. Looks alone will never be enough of a reason to snap up a guitar but it can certainly help a good guitar to stand out from the crowd. With regards to features and appearance, the Huntington 41” performs very strongly.

Sound / Tones

The Huntington 41” looks like a full bodied and rich guitar which means that it is no surprise that it manages to deliver a full bodied and rich sound. If you are looking for a guitar that offers a much higher sound and tone quality than you would expect for the price, this is definitely a guitar that has to be on your radar. If your fingering is off, you can expect to hear that familiar buzzing sound but if you have mastered where your fingers are supposed to be, you will be rewarded by a crisp and clear tone.

In many ways, this is ideal for a budding guitarist because it helps them to learn if they are placing their fingers in the right position or playing in the correct fashion. A budding musician will need lessons or a tutorial to follow but when the difference between correct playing and incorrect playing is laid out so succinctly by your guitar; you can expect to develop your skills in no time at all.

Playability / Action / Ease of Use:

Given that the Huntington 41” is a full size guitar, some new players may struggle to come to terms with the instrument. There are smaller guitars available, even in the Huntington range, so think about who will be playing the instrument and whether this is the right choice for the budding musician. However, for everyone else, there is nothing difficult about the Huntington 41” guitar and you should be playing it in no time at all.

The supplied strings are of a good enough standard and most people find that the guitar stays in tune even after a lengthy period of time bashing away at the strings! New guitarists will likely find that the guitar comes out of tune more often than they would like but buying a reliable tuner is an essential purchase. If you have this at hand, you should find that the Huntington 41” plays like a dream.

The standard Huntington 41” doesn’t come with any accessories like a strap or a pick so you will need to buy these in order to make the most of your guitar when you first buy it but considering the price of the guitar, this is not a big hardship. Depending on where you buy the instrument, look out for package deals that may provide these accessories at a reduced rate. Once you have everything you need, you should find the Huntington 41” is a simple and enjoyable guitar to play.

Build / Reliability

The Huntington 41” is a sturdy unit and is a lot heavier than what you would expect from an instrument available at this sort of price. This is great because it provides comfort and peace of mind for the users and it helps to provide that deep rich sound. It also means that it can handle a fair share of bumps and scrapes along the way. If you are not used to playing the guitar or you are small or light, you will need to find a comfortable position to play the guitar in but as long as you remember your basics with regards to body shapes, there should be no problems when it comes to enjoying the Huntington 41”.

Price / Value

The Huntington 41” is available in a range of colours, with many of them being available for less than $50. This is an excellent price for such a good entry level guitar and you can choose between the following finishes:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Natural
  • Sunburst

Personal preference will always have a major impact on the colour of guitar you choose but it has to be said that the sunburst Huntington 41” looks very impressive. This is one of the guitars available for under $50 at the time of review so if you are looking for style and functionality to combine, this may well be the ideal guitar for you.

The Verdict / Impression

Getting a good quality guitar for less than $50 may seem too good to be true but this is exactly what is on offer with the Huntington 41”. The most important thing is that the sound quality is extremely high and definitely outperforms many guitars which are considerably more expensive than this model. Add issues like a great finish, reliable tuners and a sturdy build which provides reliability and it is easy to see that the Huntington 41” is one of the best budget acoustic guitars on the market. With a choice of finishes available, you can even customise your guitar to your heart’s content.

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